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The Grant’s Zebra is the smallest of six subspecies of the Plains Zebra. This northern subspecies is vertically striped in front, horizontally on the back legs, and diagonally on the rump and hind flanks. Shadow stripes are absent or only poorly expressed. The zebras live in family groups of up to 17 or 18 zebras, and they are led by a single stallion. Grant’s zebras live an average of 20 years in the world and are very well adapted to life in the world. There are more Grant’s zebras in the wild than any other species or subspecies of zebras. Unlike Grevy and Mountain zebras, they are not endangered. Grant’s zebras eat the coarse grasses that grow on the African plains, and they are resistant to diseases that often kill cattle, so the zebras do well in the African savannas. However, recent civil wars and political conflicts in the African countries near their habitats have caused regional extinction.