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Emus are an adorable flightless bird that look a lot like the ostrich. It has fluffy feathers that sometimes look more like hair than what they are. They can reach heights of up to six feet tall, and belong to a group of birds called ratites, which are large, flightless birds. In 1932, the Australian government began a campaign to exterminate "pesky" emus by mass destruction with machine guns. Somehow, the emus survived and several years after the "Emu War", the Australian government declared the emu the national bird and it currently appears on the Australian flag along with kangaroos. Emus have been praised widely as an edible meat because it has the taste of beef, but contains less than half the fat of normal red meats. Many emu ranchers believe that emu meat will be the meat of the future. Their leather is extremely soft, and their feathers are used in dusters. Also, emus produce an oil now commercially used in many beauty care products, said to make the skin look younger and feel smoother. Emus eat leaves, fruit, seeds, and insects. They have a long avocado-colored egg which the male incubates for two months. The chicks are black and white striped and grow extremely fast.