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Because of their gorgeous appearance, the peacock has long been famous outside of its native countries Southern Asia and Malaysia, and was kept for centuries by people first in China and then in Europe. The peacocks were brought to Egypt more than 3,000 years ago. Historical records indicate that Solomon kept several peacocks species. Peafowl were extensively raised by the Romans for the table as well as for ornamental purposes. It is only after the XVI Century, when turkeys were imported from Mexico, that the peacock was discarded as a table bird for the more fleshy American bird. There are but two naturally occuring peacock species, the Indian Peafowl from India, often called Blue Peafowl, and the Green Peafowl. When raised on the game farm and are well settled, many people find that peafowl don't stray far from home. They can be kept in covered pens if you want to make sure they don't wander away, and they live and breed well in pens. Peahens are excellent mothers and peachicks are among the easiest birds to raise. One thing to be careful about is to give them good shelters in the autumn and winter, as they are not fully grown before eight or ten months of age.