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The Patagonian Cavy is a large South American rodent and is native to Patagonia. They are diurnal (awake during the day) and feed off of grasses and other vegetative matter. They are a large relative of the guinea pig and are the fourth largent rodent int he world. In the wild they live in small groups of 10-15 individuals. Cavies can run very fast and are known to leap up to six feet. They make their nests in burrows. Sometimes they dig their own burrows or will sometimes use burrows or dens made by other animals like armadillos. Adult animals may reach 15-30 pounds in weight. They do not have a noticeable odor. A female cavy will have about 1 to 3 babies at a time. Cavies will come out in the day or night, but when people are around a lot they tend to come out at night. Cavies may be housed indoors or in an outside dog kennel that has been set up to prevent these animals from burrowing free by laying a concrete slab or by burying wire under the soil. They can be quite social with humans if raised with human interaction from a young age, though in the wild they avoid humans.