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The Ibex is a rocky, desert dwelling goat antelope found in the mountainous regions of Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt, Yemen, and Sudan. The wild population is estimated at 1,200 individuals. Ibex stand about 2.5 feet tall at the shoulder and weigh around 110 pounds. They are a light tan color, with a white underbelly, and in males there is also a dark brown stripe down the back. They have long, thin horns that extend up and then backwards and down. In males these reach over 3 feet in length - while in females they are much smaller (around 12 inches). They live in rough, dry, mountainous terrain and live mainly off of grasses and leaves. Ibex live in herds composed solely of males or females. They are active during the day and rest most of the night. The Ibex usually live at high elevations, sometimes at the vegetation line and well above the tree line. They seek out lower slopes during the winter in search of food.