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The Red-Rumped Parrot also known as the Red-backed Parrot or Grass Parrot, is a common bird of south-eastern Australia. Red-Rumped Parrots are slim, elegant, moderate-sized parrots approximately 11 in. in length. The male's plumage is a bright emerald-green with yellow underparts, a brick-red rump and blue highlights on the wings and upper back. The female's plumage is less vibrant, with pale olive underparts, dull green wings and back and blue-black wingtips. The characteristic red rump is only found in the male. They can be found in pairs or flocks in open country with access to water. They spend a great deal of time feeding on the ground, and often call to one another with an attractive chee chillip chee chillip. Like many parrots, Red-Rumped Parrots nest in tree hollows or similar places, including fenceposts and stumps. They are bred easily in captivity if provided with necessary flight space and a large nesting box. If properly cared for these birds will live up to 15-25 years.