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Animals in Park

Lazy L Safari Park features exotic animals from around the world! 

Alligators, Alpacas, Antelope, Aoudads, Birds, Camels, Cavies, Deer, Donkeys, Emus, Goats, Ibex, Kangaroos, Llamas, Monkeys, Ostriches, Porcupines, Reptiles, Rheas, Tortoises, Zebras, and many more.  Below are photos of some of our animal friends here at Lazy L Safari Park!

Click on a picture below & you will receive educational information about that species!

Note:  Lazy L Safari Park is part of a working ranch facility and species of animals available for viewing at the zoo may vary from day to day.   Some animals may require heat during colder weather - such as primates, reptiles, birds, etc.  Depending on weather conditions, certain species of animals may not be available for viewing during certain weather conditions.