Seasonal Employment

We are accepting applications for the Fall seasonal staff at Lazy L Safari.  These positions will be from September 28th thru October 31st.  Most of the positions are for weekend (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday) employment only.  However, we do need some additional staff to help supervise school field trips during Monday thru Fridays in September & October.

  • Must be at least 16 years of age
  • Must be able to work weekends (except for School Field Trip staff)
  • Must be dependable and reliable
  • Good customer service and/or people skills
  • Must be able to pass a criminal background check

We are hiring for the following positions.  Please make sure you select a preference on your application.  Listed below are the descriptions and details about each position available for the Fall season:

Includes operating Admission Booth & Gift Shop registers, answering phone, preparing animal feed for sale, cleaning and restocking gift shop, and interact with zoo guests.  Previous cashier or customer service experience preferred but not required.This position is available Friday, Saturday, & Sunday for full or half day schedules.  

You will be interacting with zoo guests by answering questions, etc.  You will also be supervising guest activities and assisting with our mascot characters, education / photo booth, etc.  This position is available Saturday & Sunday for full or half day schedules.

We are looking for energetic and fun staff to be our mascot characters and interact with the zoo guests.  This position is available Saturday & Sunday for half day schedules.

This position will be responsible for interacting with guests at our Animal Education / Photo Booth.  Must have some animal experience as you will be working with our program animals for photos with the zoo guests.  You will need to have public speaking experience as you will be giving Educational Talks to zoo guests about our program animals.  This position is Saturday & Sunday for full or half day schedules.

Includes operating Camel and Pony Rides at the zoo and our mobile ride units.  Previous animal experience preferred.  Physical requirements include saddling animals and exposure to inclimate weather conditions.  This position is Saturday & Sunday at the zoo for half day schedules.  There may be some additional employment opportunities on our mobile units for full day schedules.

We are looking for staff to help supervise activities during our school field trips in September & October.  This position is available Monday thru Friday for half day schedules.  


To apply, please complete an application on the link below and submit thru the website.  You may also apply in person at the zoo during open business hours and complete an application.  Qualified applicants will be notified by phone to setup an interview.     Note:  We will NOT be accepting applications by email or thru Facebook.