About Us

Lazy L Safari Park is a walk-thru zoo which we opened in 2010.  The zoo is a family-owned operation and the animals on display in the zoo are a part of Lazy L Exotics - an alternative livestock ranch that we started in 1988. 

We have been raising these animals for years and have always had friends, family, and even strangers that want to stop and look at our animals - so we decided to open to the public and for group tours in 2010. 

Most of the animals at the zoo are a part of our ranch breeding programs.  We are a privately funded and licensed facility.  We receive no funds from the government or donations from any organizations.  All income from the zoo is used for feed, supplies, repairs, etc. for the zoo and ranch operations.

Our entire family is involved in our alternative livestock business.  Besides the zoo and ranch, we also operate animal rides and exhibits at fairs, festivals, & special events as well as nativity scenes during the holidays.  We've supplied animals for movies and commercial work and we also offer capture and transportation of animals for other breeders.

We hope you enjoy our Lazy L Safari Park.  The park was established as a simple, comfortable place for you to enjoy our animals as much as we do. 

Thanks for visiting -

The Lantz Family