School Field Trip (Fall)

We offer school field trip packages for the Fall in September & October.   

We offer an educational program (Animal Encounters) during the winter months where we bring the animals & biofacts to your school location - click here for more information!


Only $6.00 per student includes:

Admission to Lazy L Safari Park
See animals from Alligators to Zebras!

Bag of Animal Feed 
Feed the animals up close & personal!

Birdstick for Parakeet Jungle 
Get cheek to beak with a parakeet!

Safari Playground
Play on our jungle gym & swingsets!

Fall Full of Fun Activities:  Down on the Farm, Pumpkin Patch, Giant Tarantula,  Hillbilly Bowling, Pumpkin Games, Kiddie Corral, Toss & Pitch Games, and more Fall Full of Fun activities (available for field trips booked in October only)!



Gemstone Mining - ADD $4.00 per student (Group) OR $5.00 per student (Individual)

Every student gets a bag of mining rough to mine for gems, minerals, & fossils!  Take home your findings!  Educational Flyer on classifying and labeling your findings is included with each bag.

GEMSTONE MINING can be booked as a group activity ($4.00 per student) OR students may purchase mining rough individually ($5.00 per student)  Gemstone Mining activity must be booked in advance.


Teachers & Bus Drivers are FREE!  
Picnic Shelter available for group picnic.  Safari Gift Shop open for souvenir shopping.

Available daily in September & October.  Reservations are required.

To book a Fall School Field Trip Package, please contact us at 573-243-7862 or email 


Note:  Coupons, memberships, or other discount admission or feed offers are not valid with any School Field Trip Package. Minimum of 10 in a school group to receive package and reservations must be made in advance.  The above packages are for school groups only - public, private, or parochial.
To learn more about our Spring School Field Trip Package available in April & May - click here!.  


During September & October 2021, we will offer our School Field Trip rates to homeschools with less then the normally required 10 student minimum on Fridays from 10 am to 6 pm.  

We will not be able to offer our Educational Talk for you - however, if we have a larger school here during your visit you are more than welcome to sit in on their Educational Talk at that time.

No reservations required.  We are just putting everyone on the honor system that you are a Homeschool Parent.  Please DO NOT book online for a Homeschool Field Trip as these spots are reserved for our larger schools which meet the minimum requirements for students.

Any questions - please call the Zoo Office at 573-243-7862 or email us at  Happy Homeschooling!

PS - We have a lot of educational signage and staff will be more than happy to answer any questions your students have during your visit so you can count this as an educational field trip!