Zoo Rules

For the safety of our animals, visitors, and staff, we ask that you observe the following park rules during your visit to the Lazy L Safari Park:
  • Children MUST be supervised at ALL times by parents, teacher, or other accompanying adult supervision.
  • Do not climb or cross any fences or gates at the zoo.
  • Do not open any cages or pens at the zoo.
  • Please observe and obey all signage at the zoo.
  • No running around the zoo pathways.
  • Do not chase or pick up any animals during your visit to the zoo.
  • Please no littering on the zoo grounds - littering can be harmful to our animals (trash cans are in place around the zoo).
  • You may feed ONLY purchased animal feed from the zoo to our animals - no outside feed can be brought in for the animals (USDA Regulations).
  • Feed the animals by holding your hand flat and observe our "No Feeding" signs - some animals are on special diets.
  • Smoking is NOT allowed in the main barn or other building areas.  Please dispose of your cigarette butts in the cans provided in the picnic shelter area.
  • Do not place fingers or hands in large parrot exhibits.
  • Please obey any and all rules given by zoo staff during your visit.
Wheelchair / Handicapped Accessibility:   Most of the zoo is accessible by wheelchair.  However, we are an agritourism venue so inclimate weather conditions may prevent wheelchair accessibility at times.  

Pets & Service Animals:  We are very sorry, but pets and service animals are not allowed at the Lazy L Safari Park.   This rule is for the safety of our animals, staff, and visitors at the zoo.  We have several animals that see these pets and service animals as a threat.  There are also open-aviary birds that roam freely around the zoo and animal rides that operate during zoo hours.  These pets / service animals could cause our zoo animals to panic or attack, which could additionally cause injury to themselves, other animals, our visitors, or staff.  
The Lazy L Safari Park reserves the right to remove anyone from the zoo that does not follow the above rules or anyone that we feel poses a threat to our animals, staff, or visitors at the zoo.   We reserve the right to inspect anything that is brought into the Lazy L Safari Park.  Lazy L Safari Park is a registered agritourism venue with AgriMissouri, a department within the Missouri Department of Agriculture.